Ultimate Membership Pro

All-in-one solution WordPress membership plugin lets you control your premium content and sell unlimited subscriptions using the most well-known payment solutions


Ultimate Membership Pro comes with beautiful front-end and powerful admin functionality. Now you can create and manage a subscription-based website easily

Menu Lock

Design your menu considering the access level of users. You can hide the buttons and link of the menu section for members without access

Opt-In Integration

Ultimate Membership Pro is preconfigured to work with multiple email marketing platforms. Connect with your subscribers easily

URL Redirects

Design access rules for any page of your website. You can even restrict access on the basis of present keywords in the URL path

Keywords Restriction

Any URLs from the website can be restricted based on certain keywords that may show up into the URL path.

Dashboard Stats

The Dashboard allows you to keep all important information under the radar

Subscription Plan

Subscriptions can be offered in different packages: free, fixed price or scheduled payments. Use a price table or box list with predefined templates and descriptions.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to registration form in order new users could have optimal access profile. Assign labels and specify the level access

Periodically Updates

All features and integrations are being updated regularly. New options and features are added periodically. We are working hard to be up-to-date

24/7 Support

The dedicated support team members work hard to handle the support requests in in a timely manner

Fully Integration

Built to work with any custom Theme without structure conflicts.

Why to choose Ultimate Membership Pro

Multiple Payment Gateways

Different payment methods and gateways can be integrated flawlessly: PayPal, Payza, Stripe, 2Checkout, Authorise.net and Braintree.

Periodic billing subscription

You have the option to create periodic Subscriptions and collect recurring payment.

Unlimited membership

Along with the option of free and paid trial period, unlimited membership plans can also be created.

Social Login/connect

Social login/connect Dedicated Social Login module provides a popular Social media configuration for social connect facility.

Fully content restriction

Easy settings for full/partial content restriction over each page or bulk posts.

Drip/Scheduled content

A Drip Content page functionality is included on a dedicated module, which allows you to reveal the scheduled content on a specified date.

Member Profile&Directories

Flat multiple templates for member Account Page and Member Directory List.

Email notifications

Use customizable email notifications to keep your members updated.

Everything you need to manage your memberships

Ultimate Membership Pro offers very precise access management in order you could have all imaginable options for controlling access to the content on your website. Once the plugin is configured you can relax and let the system do the job

Membership Content Locker

Lock the entire page or just part of it, let it be paragraph, picture or file. Restrict access to not registered users or to members that don't have paid access or necessary access level. Customize the messages and design of content lockers. Read more in our blog or articles section.

Basic locker

A standard Locker box design with a horizontal Login template.​

Zipped Template

The most wanted Locker Box with a horizontal Login template.

Zone Template

A special Locker box design with a vertical Login template.

Majic Template

A small-width Locker box design with a vertical blue Login template.

Star Template

Modern Locker box design with a vertical Login template.

Dark Template

A darkness Locker box design with vertical and no labels Login template.

38 Predefined Templates

ready for use without any additional CSS settings



Choose one of the provided templates and adapt the messages and look using flexible design options



Use one of predesigned registration templates that can be customized in order to fit the design of your website



Predefined subscription templates let you choose the way to display premium options for potential customers



Build multiple lockers based on a predefined template or a custom one

Other Membership Plugin Features

Registered Users

  • Multiple Fields
  • WordPress Sync
  • WooCommerce Sync
  • Multiple Levels
  • WordPress Role Option
  • Pending Role for Approve
  • User Page on Fronend

URL Block

  • Any URL block
  • Targeted Users/Levels
  • Custom Redirect Restriction

Payment Services

  • Multi Payment Options
  • Custom Currencies
  • PayPal Services
  • Stripe
  • Authorize.Net
  • 2CheckOut
  • Bank Transfer

Keyword URL Block

  • Multiple Keywords
  • Targeted Users/Levels
  • Custom Redirect Restriction

Login Form

  • Social Login
  • 7 Predefined Templates
  • “Remember Me” On/Off
  • “Register Link” On/Off
  • “Lost Password” On/Off
  • Custom Messages
  • Custom CSS


  • Login
  • Register
  • LogOut
  • Lost Password
  • Subscription Plan
  • User Page

Register Form

  • 7 Predefined Templates
  • Custom Fields
  • Avatar Image
  • Ordering Fields
  • Custom Label Fields
  • Required On/Off Fields
  • Simple/Subscription Plan Register
  • Default Level Set
  • Default WordPress Role
  • Password Conditions
  • Notify Admin after Registration
  • Opt-In Integration
  • Terms&Conditions Text
  • Custom CSS


  • Subscription link
  • Name
  • Label
  • Price set
  • Price Text
  • Ordering Levels

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