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How much is BJs membership 2022?

Current BJ's Wholesale Membership Offer – Save on Groceries & More! Current membership to BJ's will cost you $25 a year for the inner circle membership or BJ's Perks Rewards for $110 a year.

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People also ask does bj's have a special on membership?

BJ's Wholesale is a great place to find low prices on household essentials. With this BJ's Wholesale membership deal, you'll pay just $25! The membership is normally $55, so you'll save $30. If you plan to shop a lot at BJ's, you could also save $40 with the BJ's credit card and then 3% on most BJ's purchases. Can I get a free membership with BJs? While the free membership deal is no longer available, BJ's is constantly offering their $55 membership for only $25!

How much is a BJ's membership 2020?

BJ's Members enjoy wholesale club prices.

Join today for just $50* — it's risk-free with BJ's 100% money-back guarantee. FREE Household Card — BJ's Members receive a second card for a household member at no extra charge. You can also add up to three (3) Supplemental Memberships for just $30* each.
Then, how much is renewal for bjs membership? How much does a BJ's Membership cost? Our standard rates are $110 for a 12-Month BJ's Perks® Rewards® Membership with BJ's Easy Renewal,® which earns 2% cash back* on most BJ's purchases. And $55 for a 12-Month BJ's Inner Circle® Membership with BJ's Easy Renewal.

Moreover, how long does a bj membership last?

Your Membership expires on the last day of the month and year shown. Paid Memberships renewed within two months after expiration will be extended 12 months from the expiration date. Paid Memberships renewed more than two months after expiration will be extended for 12 months from the last day of the month of renewal. Consequently, how much is a bj's membership 2021? As of January 2021, the annual cost of a BJ's Perks Rewards membership was 110 U.S. dollars. In contrast, an Inner Circle membership fee amounted to 55 U.S. dollars that year.

How do you save on BJ's membership?

13 Ways to Save at BJ's Wholesale Club

  1. Sign Up To Become A BJ's Member.
  2. Download The Mobile App To Save Digital Coupons.
  3. Check Out The WOW Deals Page.
  4. Shop BJs Flash Deals.
  5. Check Out The Clearance Section.
  6. Sign Up For BJs Gas Savings Program.
  7. Use Manufacturer Coupons To Save On The Brands You Love.
Keeping this in consideration, is bjs better than costco? Consumer Reports found that Costco ranked higher than BJs in terms of cleanliness, customer service, brand quality, meat and produce quality, and organic item prices.

Subsequently, can i use someone else's bj's card?

Household members will have their own membership card to use to make purchases in-Club. To get the Household Membership card, the primary must add the Household Member to their Membership. The Household Member can then go into any BJ's Club with photo ID to receive their Membership card.

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