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How long can a student keep a prime student membership?

four years
You're eligible for discounted Amazon Prime benefits for a maximum of four years, as long as you're a Prime Student member.

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Who is eligible for prime student?

Amazon Prime Student is available to anyone who is enrolled in at least one course at a college or university located within one of the 50 US states, Washington DC, or Puerto Rico. Prime Student is available to you if you are at a four-year college, two-year college, or in graduate school. Can Prime student membership be shared? It's not possible to start sharing your benefits with another person as a Prime Student member. Prime benefits received through Prime Student can't be shared.

Does Amazon check if you are a student?

You'll also need a valid . edu email address. This doesn't have to be the email connected to your Amazon account, but it will be used to verify that you're a student, so you'll need access to this account. People also ask does prime student still exist? An Amazon Prime Student can try out Amazon Prime for free for six months. By comparison, a typical Amazon Prime comes with a shorter 30-day free trial. After the trial ends, you'll be charged a discounted rate of $6.49 per month, or $59 per year.

What happens to Prime student when you graduate?

You Get a Discounted Amazon Prime Account

For students, you receive a discounted rate of $59 per year or $6.49 a month. Once you graduate or leave school and lose your . edu email account, your Prime account will renew at the normal rate.
Does Prime student end when graduate? edu email address. Additionally, membership is limited to those currently enrolled in school. All Prime Student members must provide proof of enrollment upon request. The Prime Student discount on Amazon Prime ends after four years or when you leave school, whichever comes first.

Keeping this in consideration, what happens when prime student expires?

You can cancel the Prime membership and if it was an annual membership you should get a pro-rated refund for the remaining unused months. Next you should either change the email address on your account to your . edu address, or create a whole new account with the . edu address. One may also ask is prime student free for 6 months? Is Amazon Prime Student Free? New members can sign up for a 6-month free trial. After the free trial ends, the regular price is $6.49 per month, which is half the price of a normal Prime membership.

People also ask what's the difference between prime student and regular prime?

Think of Amazon Student as a discounted version of Amazon Prime (which it actually is – you are just a Amazon Student member for 6 months, after which you upgrade to the discounted version of Amazon Prime). Instead of paying the usual $119/annually with Amazon Prime, you get a 50% discount to $59/annually.

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