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Does Blink have an annual fee?

How much is Blink annual fee? Annual Maintenance Fee – $54.99 per person.

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Accordingly, is it hard to cancel blink membership?

Before I signed up for Blink in late 2018, friends and online reviews warned me about one major downside: a comically difficult membership cancellation process that requires in-person or by-certified-mail cancellation. One may also ask can you pay cash at blink fitness? Yes, we do accept cash as long as there is a credit card on file.

How many guest can I bring to blink?

Unlimited guest
Unlimited guest privileges. The price of gym membership in Blue and Green levels includes privileges that let you bring a friend with you every time you visit the gym. Members, not models. Why did Blink Fitness charge me $55? The annual maintenance fee is invested straight back into our locations to maintain equipment and ensure the gyms are always fresh and clean.

Can my blink guest go alone?

Blink Fitness Guest Pass

You can carry along one visitor with you each time you work out. Requirements For blink guest pass – Visitors must be 18 years of age or more to benefit from visitor benefits. A substantial ID and proof of age are required for them to get in.
Accordingly, can you pause blink membership? We are offering the option to freeze your membership for 30 days. To do so, please reach out to our Member Services team at [email protected].

Moreover, do i have to pay to cancel my blink membership?

When you cancel you will be required to pay the prorated amount for the notice period plus the buy-out fee if applicable. (See *NOTICE PERIOD AND BUY-OUT SUMMARY* below) Monthly/No-Commitment Membership Agreement (Gray or No-commitment Blue membership). You must provide notice before you can cancel your Agreement. And another question, does blink have a contract? The Blink Fitness Gray membership is a no-commitment agreement so to cancel you only need to give 45 days notice, there is no buyout fee. The Blink Fitness Gray Blue and Green memberships are 12-month agreements. You may cancel the agreement within the first year by giving notice and paying a buyout fee.

Keeping this in consideration, how do i pay my blink membership?

To make a payment, please log in to your iBlink account via www.blinkfitness.com or simply stop by any Blink location.

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