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How do I check my Shell points?

You can also call the customer service center on 0709 370 888 to find out your points balance and the redemption options available to you. Dial the USSD *693# Once you have selected your reward and your order validated, you will receive an E-voucher via SMS that you can use at the selected redemption partner outlet.

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How do you get a Shell loyalty card?

Get your Shell Bonus Card at any Shell station, and register Shellsmart.com to start accruing Shell Bonus Point today! Register Shellsmart.com, and manage your Shell Bonus Card account at ease. And another question, how much do you get off fuel with shell rewards? Additionally, Shell Energy members who join Shell Go+ will receive 3% off 60 litres of fuel per month. Please note that the value fuel reward you receive after 10 visits is based on what you have spent in both the shop and on fuel during your visits.

What is Shell pay at pump?

Shell Pay at Pump is a mobile fuel payment service where you can pay for fuel on your mobile quickly and easily from your car that is available at most Shell stations. Using the Pay at Pump service within the Shell app you just simply: Enter and confirm the pump number from the comfort of your vehicle. How much is 1000 Shell points worth?

Redeem points at Shell Autoserv:

1,000 points for a free engine flush (worth $60)

Moreover, how do i check my v plus balance?

How do I check my V+ Rewards balance?

  1. By scanning the QR code on the back of the card and then entering their cell number on the website.
  2. On the V+ website www.V-Plus.co.za.
  3. By calling the help desk on 031-001-3390.
  4. By using the USSD string *120*7368#
Keeping this in consideration, how do you redeem shell fuel points? Fuel Vouchers can be redeemed at the point of sales at all Shell Stations when you have sufficient Shell Escape points. Shell Escape card members can redeem $40 worth of Shell Fuel Voucher at 1100 points while Shell Escape Riders card members can redeem $5 worth of Shell Fuel Voucher at 150 points!

Also, is shell rewards card free?

Join the program for free, it's quick and easy to get started. Link your credit and/or debit cards to maximize your savings. Shop with participating retailers and earn Fuel Rewards savings. How much is a Shell card?

a $0 annual fee
The Shell Credit Card has a $0 annual fee and offers a long list of rebates to people with good credit or better who regularly fill up at Shell stations. For a limited time, new cardholders get $0.30 per gallon off five Shell fuel purchases, up to 35 gallons each time.

How does Shell V card work?

Introducing V+ Rewards,

a loyalty programme exclusive to Shell. With V+ you earn instant cash-rewards for every litre of fuel purchased and selected Shop items in-store. Redeem your cash rewards on the forecourt for fuel or in-store for anything in the Shell Select store.

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