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Can you still watch Hulu if you cancel your subscription?

You'll continue to have access to Hulu until the end of your current billing cycle, but will not be charged moving forward. However, if you cancel during your trial period, please keep in mind that you will lose access to Hulu immediately.

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Consequently, how do i know if my hulu subscription is cancelled?

To avoid future charges, follow the instructions for cancellation and check your inbox for a confirmation email from us. Once the cancellation is successful, you'll see Your subscription is about to cancel on your account page. You'll have access to Hulu or the remainder of your current billing cycle. Is it easy to cancel Hulu free trial? Cancel during your free trial

Of course, if Hulu isn't a good fit you're free to cancel at any time during your trial to avoid being charged. To do so: Go to your Account page on a computer or mobile browser. Select Cancel under the Your Account section and follow the on-screen instructions.

What is the difference between pausing and canceling Hulu?

When you cancel Hulu, your account will remain active until the end of your payment period, after which you will lose access and no longer be charged. You can also pause your Hulu subscription for up to 12 weeks and reactivate it at any time, if you don't want to cancel it permanently yet. Is Hulu Worth the money? If you use Hulu frequently -- or if you've really gotten used to Netflix's no-ads model and can't stand watching commercials -- the extra $7 per month is probably worth it to watch shows uninterrupted. It brings the price up to almost that of Netflix's standard plan ($13 for Hulu versus $14 for Netflix).

Why can't I cancel my Hulu subscription?

You won't be able to cancel without logging in first! Don't be fooled by Hulu's free offerings – if you don't see your name in the upper-right corner, then you're not logged in yet. Click on “LOG IN” and fill out your information. If you've forgotten your password, you'll be able to recover it through email. Then, why was i charged for hulu free trial? When you sign up for a free trial, your account will be assigned a “billing date.” That is the date your Hulu subscription will renew, and you will be charged for your first month of service.

Can you cancel Hulu Plus before free trial ends?

Yes, you may cancel your Hulu subscription before your trial ends and not be charged. They may have placed a hold for one month's subscription on your credit card when you started your subscription, but that should clear up within 30 days. Why does Hulu keep charging me? If you're seeing charges other than the monthly recurring fees associated to your subscription, it may be because you made changes to your plan or you updated the payment information on file. Other factors that can contribute to a change in your monthly total are taxes and bank fees.

How do I get in touch with Hulu?

Phone. You can reach Hulu support at (888) 265-6650. The line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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