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Does American Express Platinum need to be paid in full each month?

There are no interest charges on the Platinum account because it must be paid in full each month. However, there is more flexibility with the Gold card, which offers cardholders the option of carrying a balance on certain purchases over $100 with interest.

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Keeping this in consideration, do membership points expire amex?

Membership Rewards® points have no expiration date. However, points may be forfeited as described in the program Terms and Conditions. Why is my American Express card not eligible for membership rewards? Eligible Cards must be issued by American Express or one of its affiliates in the U.S. and be billed in U.S. dollars. We may change Card eligibility at any time. A Card account may not be enrolled in the Rewards Program if it's cancelled or past due.

And another question, how much is 150000 amex points worth?

Based on TPG point valuations, the 150,000 Amex Membership Rewards points bonus is worth a staggering $3,000! While that's certainly the bonus you should hope to see appear in your CardMatch results, you might alternatively be targeted for a still-great 125,000-point offer with the same minimum spending requirement. How do I use my American Express reward points? Register for online services to view your eligible purchases and to redeem online. You can also view eligible purchases and redeem directly in the Amex App. Only eligible purchases posted to your Card account will be displayed for redemption.

And another question, is it hard to get amex platinum?

Yes, the American Express Platinum card is hard to get approved for. It will be difficult for the average person to get the American Express Platinum card because of the card's 700+ credit score and reportedly high income requirements. What happens if you don't pay Amex Platinum in full? Interest charges accrue when you don't pay the bill off in full. Pay Over Time charges an interest rate that is the same across the Green, Gold and Platinum products. As of August 2020, cardholders who use the feature will pay an APR between 15.99% to 22.99%, depending on creditworthiness.

Keeping this in consideration, can you carry a balance with amex platinum?

The AMEX Platinum card is a charge card, meaning you can't carry a balance to the next billing period. You have to pay your card balance in full every month. Is a gold Amex card worth it? For the right cardholder, the Amex Gold is absolutely worth it. The card offers the highest combined rewards rate you can find on both U.S. supermarket and restaurant purchases – making it ideal for foodies. Plus, it comes with several travel protections and credits that can help offset its high annual fee.

Do you lose Amex points if you pay late?

Late Payments: Rewards earned during a billing period where a late payment occurs will be forfeited. You can reinstate lost points, though. Visit your account's Points Summary page to reinstate them after bringing your account current. There's a $35 fee for each billing period points are reinstated from.

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