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Is there an app for massage therapists?

The Zeel massage app connects you with expert massage therapists in your area. A licensed, vetted massage therapist can arrive at your doorstep in as little as an hour. Avoid the traffic and save time with Zeel – let massage come to you.

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How do I promote my massage therapy business?

Massage Marketing Tips

  1. 1) Send Out Post Cards. Whether you offer mobile massage or your customers come to you, proximity is key.
  2. 2) Host an Open House.
  3. 3) Start a Loyalty Rewards Program.
  4. 4) Offer Package Deals.
  5. 5) Take Appointments Online.
  6. 6) Publish a Blog.
  7. 7) Find Your Niche.
  8. 8) Go Mobile.
One may also ask what states pay massage therapist the most?
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Accordingly, why i quit being a massage therapist?

The first five years of practice are the most difficult because you're not used to the physical demands, and many massage therapists quit due to burnout. Acclimating to the emotional demands are difficult as well. Clients come to you with frustrations and complaints, often times breaking down and crying in the room. Regarding this, where do massage therapists make the most money in the world? With an average massage therapist compensation of $77,080 per year, Alaska has the highest income. The average hourly income for massage therapists is $44.91.

Correspondingly, what is the best massage app?

Some of the best Massage Finder Apps for Android & iOS are as follows with their distinct features:

  • Massage Me. USP: Different types of massage available.
  • Urban. USP: Massage and other at-home treatments available.
  • Mind-Body. USP: Yoga and pilates options available.
  • Soothe. USP: Quick services till midnight.
  • Zeel in.
  • Blys.
What is included in a Swedish massage? The Swedish massage is one of the most common types of massages you can get. It is performed to energize the body and improve overall health. This type of massage involves actions like percussion, kneading, vibration, tapping and rolling. Massage oil or lotion is used to protect the skin from friction.

Subsequently, is zeel good for massage?

Zeel is a great platform for seasoned massage therapists who want to work on their own time. The pay is very competitive and so far, I've only had great clients. There is a combination of outcall massages, spa work and occasionally corporate events to choose from. Keeping this in consideration, how can massage therapist make extra money? You can increase your work by focusing on insurance-reimbursed clients, high-end clients, or outcall clients (see Make More, Work Less, at right). Adding a product line, such as offering organic spa products to your clients, could add an additional $1 to $1 million per year.

Also, how do i get customers for my massage?

10 Ways to Gain New Massage Clients

  1. Volunteer at Athletic Events.
  2. Get Involved with Local Groups.
  3. T-Shirt with your Business Card Info.
  4. Get Listed in Online Mapping Services.
  5. Ask for Referrals from Current and Past Clients.
  6. Social Media and Email Marketing.
  7. Create an Opening Offer they Can't Refuse.

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