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Does GNC membership expire?

When is my membership valid till? You can enjoy the perks and privileges for 2 years upon the sign up. You can check your membership validity under 'Loyalty' upon login.

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One may also ask is gnc pro membership worth it?

If you'd like to order and get free shipping with no minimums, a handful of sales for the odd or bulk purchase when you choose, four freebies a year counting the birthday gift, myGNC Pro is worth it, especially at only $3.33 a month. Click to see full answer. People also ask how much is gnc pro membership?

$39.99 per year
MyGNC Pro Access, which is $39.99 per year, offers members additional perks, like free shipping, customized PRO boxes (with new products, samples and coupons based on the member's lifestyle and goals), quarterly sale days and much more.

Can I use my GNC employee discount online?

Yes you can. You have to purchase through the store to receive it. In order to place an online order from home and receive your employee discount, you have to call customer service (aka helpdesk). What is the GNC birthday gift? We reached out to GNC by phone to confirm what their birthday gift for you is. They explained it to us this way. It works annually. A month before your birthday, you'll receive a FREE $5 gift card for your birthday.

Correspondingly, how often do you get gnc pro box?

As a myGNC PRO Access member you'll get two PRO Boxes throughout the year of your membership. When you enroll, complete your profile and provide your mailing address determines when you receive your PRO Boxes. We'll send an email confirmation along with your shipment date and tracking number as soon as your box ships. How do I cancel my GNC membership? You can cancel the Auto Deliver & Save program at any time by logging into your GNC.com account and altering your subscription or by calling our customer service team. Canceling an order will stop all future shipments of that particular product.

Do I need a membership to shop at GNC?

There will no longer be member prices and non-member prices. Our prices are going to be lower, and everyone will pay the same price. There's no need to buy a gold card to get the best price in our store.” In addition, GNC is adding something Hennion said it's been missing: a loyalty program for customers. What does GNC Pro Access do? Gain exclusive access to premium perks with a myGNC PRO Access membership. Shop anytime, anywhere, with free shipping all year long on GNC.com. The hottest samples, swag and more, twice a year. Member exclusive access to brand new product innovations & flavors before anyone else!

Accordingly, does gnc give employee discount?

Employer Summary

An employee discount on GNC products is available to employees.

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