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How do I cancel my Gymboree class?

Please contact your local Gymboree Play & Music location directly for class cancellation. If I transfer my membership to a new location, do I have to pay the membership fee again?

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Also, what is a gymboree for baby?

Our custom curriculum is uniquely created around three key elements to early childhood development: Social/Emotional, Cognitive, and Physical. From 0 to 5 years of age, Gymboree Play & Music is the global leader in early child development programs that have been fostering creativity and confidence for over 40 years. Does Gymboree run small? Gymboree runs at least six months large on my slim four year old, whereas Old Navy and Crazy8 clothes run truer to size. By "truer to size" I mean truer to my son's build, of course. A chunkier child might fit into 3T Gymboree at precisely three years old.

What does 2T mean in size?

12 - 18 M12 - 18 Months30.5 - 32" 77 - 81 cm
18 - 24 M18 - 24 Months32 - 33.5" 81 - 85 cm
2T2 Years33.5 - 35" 85 - 89 cm
3T3 Years35 - 38" 89 - 96 cm
Who makes Gymboree clothes?
The Children's Place
ProductsChildren's clothes & Toys
ParentThe Children's Place (2019–present)

Is 24 months the same as 2T?

Babies become toddlers.

For example, 24 month items are generally made for 18-24 month old babies. 2T (as in toddler) is intended for 2-3 year old kids. You'll often find that 2Ts are a bit longer, more than anything.
Consequently, is 3t the same as xs?


Thereof, what age does 1t fit?

Yes. The difference between 1T and 12 months is the way it's made. For example if the 12 month old is not walking yet it's best to get 12 months it's easier to slide a shirt off the shoulder and down where as 1T is not made like that. Thanks is the only difference. In respect to this, what chest size is a 13 year old boy?

AgeNumber SizeChest
10/12S28-29 inches
10/12H32-33 inches
12-1314/1630-33 inches
14/16S31-32 inches

How old is 30months?

30 months in years: 30 months = 2.5 years.

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