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Can I add a 3rd person to my Costco membership?

To add someone, sign in and head to Account Details in your Costco.com Account. You can add a person to your household in your Account Details section, and they can pick up their card at the membership counter of your closest Costco.

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Can you use another family members Costco card?

The membership cards are nontransferrable. Only the person whose name is on the card can use it. You can bring guests in with you, friends, family, whatever but only the member can pay with anything but cash. How much is it to add someone to your Costco membership?

$60 per card
The annual cost is $60 per card (the additional Business Membership card plus one Household Member card, which can be assigned to anyone over 18 at the same address).

You can also ask how do i add another member to my costco card?

Adding an authorized user to your Costco membership is simple. Just sign in to your account, click “My Account,” and go to “Account Details” to add the person you would like. Then, that person can pick up their membership card at the local Costco you choose. How much does it cost to add a third person to a Costco membership? Add additional cardholders (Affiliates) for $60 each per year at any time, which includes one household card per Affiliate.

What is a free household card at Costco?

In addition to their own membership card, Primary members (and Affiliate members on Business memberships) receive one free Household Card they can assign to someone over the age of 18 who lives at the same address. Thereof, how do i change my costco household? call Member Services at 1-800-774-2678

Costco members can make several changes to their membership online, such as:

  1. Renew.
  2. Upgrade to Executive Membership.
  3. Add or change Household cardholder.
  4. Update address, phone number and email.
  5. Change communication preferences.

Can I go into Costco without being a member?

When you visit a Costco warehouse, you'll discover all the valuable savings we have to offer. As a nonmember, you may still purchase prescriptions from a Costco pharmacy with cash, debit, Costco Shop Cards or a Visa® card. However, you must be a paid member to enter the warehouse and purchase any other items. Does Costco check ID at checkout? One Costco employee gave an alarming interview on Refinery29 regarding a disgruntled customer trying to sneak into the store, saying, "At Costco in particular, employees have to be strict about confirming members' IDs, since their prices are based on a paid membership model.

How does the Costco Executive Membership work?

Executive Members earn an annual 2% Reward on qualifying purchases at Costco, Costco.com, and Costco Travel. Plus, additional benefits are available on our suite of Costco Services. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will cancel and refund membership fees at any time if a member is dissatisfied.

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