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How much is a AAA membership in New Jersey?

Membership TypesPrimary MemberEach Additional Associate
AAA Basic$31.50$49 per associate
AAA Plus$65.50$76 per associate
AAA Premier$99.50$90 per associate

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In respect to this, what does aaa plus cover in nj?

24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance – whether you're the driver or a passenger. Each Member receives up to four service calls per Membership year. Discounts on hotels, car rentals, dining, auto repair, and retail. Full-service travel & vacation planning services and discounts. Consequently, is aaa available in new jersey? We proudly serve members in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island and New York counties listed below...

You can also ask what are the different aaa memberships?

There are three different levels of AAA membership:

  • AAA Basic membership (classic)
  • AAA Plus membership.
  • AAA Premier membership.
How can I get a free AAA membership? But there are a few ways to get a free AAA membership or at least pay less for it:
  1. Use promo codes.
  2. Check out local AAA club benefits.
  3. Check your employee benefits.
  4. Join as a family associate member.
  5. Refer a friend.

Also, can i get a discount on aaa membership?

Can I get a discount on AAA memberships? There are a few available options to help save on your AAA membership which include: a $10 discount with automatic renewal, $20 off when you refer your friends to AAA and up to $20 off renewal fees when you gift a membership. Regarding this, how much is aaa plus in nj? ID Theft Monitoring

Sign up for FREE Essential coverage (a $49 value) or for even more protection, choose the Deluxe package for only $10.95 a month (60% savings).

Moreover, what's the difference between aaa basic and plus?

AAA Classic is our core membership product that sets the standard of excellence in roadside assistance and provides safety, security, savings and peace of mind to our members. AAA Plus enhances the Classic Membership Product benefits for those members that desire a greater level of coverage. Thereof, what are the benefits of aaa plus membership? Enjoy all the benefits of Plus membership protection for your RVs, campers, and trailers.

  • 5 Roadside Assistance. Calls per Year.
  • 160 km Towing Distance. Covers Cars, SUVs, Motorcycles, Light Trucks, Bicycles, Motorhomes & Trailers. Free Fuel & Delivery, Savings on RV Insurance with AMA Insurance & More.

You can also ask is aaa available in massachusetts?

AAA is your neighborhood Massachusetts RMV. Select RMV services are available at all open Massachusetts AAA Branches! Reservations are required.

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