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Why do I have a charge from FreeShipping com?

Membership, Subscriptions; Charges on Your Billing Account.

FreeShipping.com charges you for your access to the Service using the billing information you provide (your "Billing Account") at the time of enrollment.

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What is a free shipping membership?

Free or reduced shipping is frequently offered as a benefit of access or membership subscriptions, where customers will pay for exclusive access to gated content, deals, and other benefits. How do I cancel free shipping com? How to cancel FreeShipping.com subscription in easy steps

  1. Log into your FreeShipping.com account.
  2. Select the Help tab.
  3. Select Cancel Membership.

What companies use FreeShipping com?

When shopping through FreeShipping.com, members can save big with 10% cash back, free shipping and return shipping, coupons, and price protection at some of the most popular retailers, including Kohl's, JCPenney, Old Navy, Home Depot, Walmart, Best Buy, Shutterfly, and Sears. Subsequently, who uses freeshipping com? FreeShipping.com is your one-stop shop with more than 1,000 retailers, like Kohl's, Lowe's, ProFlowers, and more.

Is free shipping com really free?

Or subscribe to a service like Amazon Prime, which, for $99 a year in the United States, offers members free shipping on millions of eligible items. But the truth is that, like virtually everything else, “free” shipping is not actually free. Then, how do i use freeshipping com? How to get Free Shipping with FreeShipping.com. To get free shipping, log into FreeShipping.com, find the retailer you'd like to make a purchase from, click the "Visit Store" button, make your purchase from the new browser window, and come back to fill out a free shipping rebate form afterward. It's that simple.

Consequently, what is freeshipping com customer service?

By completing the form below and pressing submit, an email will be sent to our Customer Service Department. Or, you can call our toll-free phone number: 1-800-869-5597. We are available 7 days a week, including holidays, and we will respond to you within 24 hours (and usually much sooner)! Subsequently, how do i get my money back from freeshipping com? Shop online at any of the 1,000+ retailers in FreeShipping.com by clicking the "Visit Store" button for the retailer where you wish to shop. Once you've made a purchase, your 10% cash back will automatically add to the Savings Center, and you'll receive a check for your cash-back earnings each month.

How do I cancel my US membership?

Either party may cancel the Membership Agreement with written notice (via email, fax, letter, or, to the extent provided by the MyUS.com website, online). Upon cancellation, MyUS.com Members will receive a prorated refund on the unused portion of their annual membership charge.

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