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What does a Peloton subscription give you?

With the All-Access Membership, you and everyone in your home will have individual access to classes, performance metrics, in-class Leaderboard, recommendations and more across your Peloton Bike or Tread and on the Peloton App.

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Correspondingly, how is the peloton membership billed?

You will not be billed for your membership until you receive and activate your membership on your Peloton Bike. Once activated, the credit card on file will be charged each month on a recurring basis until cancelled or otherwise deactivated. How many family members can use Peloton membership?

20 user profiles
An All-Access Membership provides you and members of your household at one residential address (up to 20 user profiles) with full access to Peloton's available classes, content, and features on one Peloton Product from each Peloton Product category”.

What is the difference between the two Peloton memberships?

All-Access Membership: $39 per month plus applicable taxes. App Membership: $12.99 per month plus applicable taxes. Do you have to pay for Peloton membership? Is a peloton subscription required? Generally, a peloton subscription isn't required because you can still use the bike as the regular stationary bike and track your cadence or total output. However, to have access to all the classes, live streams, leaderboards, and metrics you need a subscription.

And another question, do you have to pay monthly for peloton?

Once you purchase the Bike itself, you need to keep paying a $39 monthly subscription fee, or you're left with just three classes and a free-ride mode that displays only real-time data on the screen, with no leaderboard-inspired competition or any record of your efforts. How long do you have to pay for Peloton membership? Billing occurs at the beginning of the Membership cycle and provides access for one month thereafter.

Can you pay for a yearly Peloton membership?

Prepaid Period. When you first sign up for a Subscription, you may be given the opportunity to prepay for a period of one or more years of your Subscription (“Prepaid Period”). Correspondingly, how do i get my peloton membership code? Your membership activation key is a six letter code and you can find it in your “Prepare for Delivery” email.

Does each family member need a Peloton membership?

Our $39/month Peloton All-Access Membership will allow you access to unlimited content across 1 Bike and 1 Tread per household. Therefore, two of the same products in a household (i.e. two Bikes or two Treads) would require two separate memberships for content access on both devices.

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