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What's the difference between Priority Pass and Priority Pass Select?

In this article, "Priority Pass" refers to the network of airport lounges, while "Priority Pass Select" refers to the airport lounge benefits included with your credit card.

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Does Priority Pass Select Allow guests?

Priority Pass is an independent airport lounge access program. At any visit to a Priority Pass lounge, you may bring in one guest at no charge. You will be charged the prevailing retail rate for any additional guests. What are the benefits of Priority Pass? travelling with family and friends or for work, Priority Pass offers you space to relax and refresh before a flight. Priority Pass provides access to lounges however you fly. For short haul economy flights or when you can't fly your preferred airline, our Members can rely on Lounge Class.

Are drinks free in Priority Pass lounges?

Most lounges serve complimentary drinks.

According to Priority Pass, members can enjoy free alcoholic beverages within many lounges around the world. Most of the company's airport lounges provide members with complimentary drinks, so you can enjoy a cocktail during your next layover.
Consequently, what is included in priority pass lounges? What Does a Priority Pass Lounge Offer?

  • Access to 1,300+ lounges worldwide.
  • Complimentary drinks, refreshments, and pre-flight bites including alcohol (in most lounges)
  • Space to work or relax in a place that feels like home.
  • Free Wi-Fi in most lounges.
  • Comfortable seats and quiet spaces.
  • The latest magazines and newspapers.

How many times can you use Priority Pass Select?

U.S Bank Altitude Reserve

However, the Priority Pass membership is restrictive for a premium card since it limits the cardholder to four free visits on which they're allowed to bring one additional guest. After those visits, or if you want to bring additional guests, you'll be charged $27 per person.
Can my daughter use my Priority Pass? Unfortunately, Priority Pass Select memberships are only meant to be used by the account holder. The Priority Pass website specifies that memberships are valid for the person whose name appears on the card, and can't be used by someone else to gain access.

How many times can you use Priority Pass in a day?

Can I use Priority Pass twice in one day? There's no limit on how many Priority Pass lounges and restaurants you can visit in a day. So if there are three Priority Pass lounges in an airport, you can visit all three in one day at the airport. Moreover, can i add my wife to my priority pass? Can my membership card be used by someone else? The Priority Pass membership card is non-transferable. When you access a lounge, the staff will need to check that the name printed on your membership card matches your boarding pass.

Regarding this, can my wife use my priority pass?

For example, you can give your Priority Pass card to your wife/friend and they should be fine to access the lounge in most cases.

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