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How much is cheapest Equinox membership?

Base memberships that only grant you access to one club still cost at least $2,200 a year, plus a $500 initiation fee. If you want to go to multiple Equinox locations in the US, an "all access" membership runs $3,120 a year.

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Also, can you negotiate equinox membership?

There may be ways to negotiate your gym membership — and help if negotiations don't go the way you want them to. One Equinox member has tips for others on how to negotiate your Equinox gym membership. She recommends timing your enrollment with a promotion, like a waiving of initiation fees or a gift card. How do I save my Equinox membership? Do some research online at the Equinox website and your preferred search engine. Like many companies, Equinox often offers promotional membership discounts. If you are an American Express card holder or a member of a corporate discount plan, you may qualify for a discount on membership.

Regarding this, how much does an nyc equinox membership cost?

Equinox has 29 locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan that are accessible with their $260 a month "all access" membership. Compared with other popular gym chains in New York City, only New York Sports Clubs has more total locations (49) in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Also, how much does equinox sf cost? An Equinox membership in San Francisco starts at $240 a month, and a single SoulCycle class is $35. But many San Francisco residents can afford pricey fitness classes and memberships.

Does Equinox have a cancellation fee?

Blue, Green and Orange memberships have a 12-month agreement. Within the first year, it can be canceled by giving notice and paying a buyout fee, which varies based on the location. After the first 12 months of Blue or Green memberships, the buyout fee is waived and all that's required to cancel is giving notice. How much is Equinox app?

$40 per month
Monthly All-access Equinox membership$275 per month, 12-month commitment
Monthly Destination Equinox membership$315 per month, 12-month commitment
Monthly E by Equinox membershipNot posted online
Equinox+ app$40 per month

How much does Equinox Houston cost?

$149 a month
An Equinox membership costs $149 a month with no membership fee (through December 22); to use every club in the Equinox network, the rate is $230 a month. While it's significantly higher than many Houston gyms, O'Hagan finds that clients of all income levels feel it's worth it. Correspondingly, how much is equinox membership dc? Members pay $200 to $300 initiation fees and $160 to $250 monthly rates. They rave about the gym's amenities, which include classes taught by former Olympians and spa treatments. While I'm content with my measly $15 a month gym, I still wondered about what it's like to be a member of Equinox.

Keeping this in consideration, how much is equinox a month in los angeles?

Monthly Fee (One Person) (One Club)$168.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (One Club)$0.00
All Clubs
Initiation Fee (One Person) (All Clubs)$100.00

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