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What's the difference between Strava free and premium?

Strava has a free and paid version — the paid version, Strava Summit, gives you access to more features. Strava Summit costs $5.00 per month, or $59.99 a year. The free version of Strava offers activity tracking, a social media feed, the ability to find local fitness events, and more.

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Is the Strava subscription worth it?

The free version is a great introduction to Strava. As well as providing you with stats and summaries from every workout, it gives you access to clubs, challenges and the all-important kudos (essentially the ability to “like” another user's activities). Then, what does subscribing to strava get you? Strava Subscription Features

  • Overall segment leaderboards.
  • Your segment results: Comparing, filtering, and analyzing segment efforts.
  • Filtered Leaderboards: Filter segment leaderboards over certain periods of time, by just your followers or clubs you've joined, and by your age and weight.

How much is Strava per month?

$5 a month
There are so many features! But then there's just this downtrodden, $5 a month price point. In Strava's defense, it's not as bad as it used to be. You can also ask is strava premium worth it 2021 reddit? If you're riding, it's worth it.

Moreover, how do i cancel my strava subscription?

How to cancel Strava

  1. Navigate to the Strava website and login.
  2. Click on My Account in the menu and under Membership, select Change Membership.
  3. In Manage Membership, remove the package that you want and/or scroll down to Cancel Summit Membership.
  4. Select Downgrade to the free plan.
What is the difference between Strava and Strava Premium? Standard Strava lets you filter activities by date to see results for this year, month or day, the latter being useful to see how you did on a tough climb in a sportive. Strava Premium lets you filter leaderboards by age and weight category to leave out young whippets and get a fairer comparison for your performance.

Is Garmin better than Strava?

If you want to record your rides or runs to Strava for the least amount of money, stick to Garmin. If you want a watch that's more than just a GPS watch and that directly runs the Strava app, then the Apple Watch is your best choice. How long is Strava free trial?

You can give it a go for yourself with our 60-day free trial: strava.com/subscribe.

Moreover, does strava require heart rate premium?

Strava has quietly re-enabled the Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) heart rate feature in its mobile app for both paying subscribers and free users. While all users will be able to view real-time heart rate data, subscribers will be able to view detailed analysis of data collected.

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