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How much is a AAA Plus membership in Ohio?

Member BenefitsPremier $149 per yearPlus $109 per year
Free set of passport photos per member, per year
AAA Travel Store DiscountReduced member pricesReduced member prices
Free Identity Theft Protection (enroll at AAA.com/IDTheft)

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In respect to this, how do i get a free aaa membership?

AAA doesn't offer a free trial. Suppose you'd like to enjoy their services, you have to subscribe to any of their plans. Your best shot to getting an AAA free trial is to subscribe to their membership plans then cancel your subscription before the next renewal. What are the benefits of AAA Plus membership? Enjoy all the benefits of Plus membership protection for your RVs, campers, and trailers.

  • 5 Roadside Assistance. Calls per Year.
  • 160 km Towing Distance. Covers Cars, SUVs, Motorcycles, Light Trucks, Bicycles, Motorhomes & Trailers. Free Fuel & Delivery, Savings on RV Insurance with AMA Insurance & More.

Accordingly, what's the difference between aaa basic and plus?

AAA Classic is our core membership product that sets the standard of excellence in roadside assistance and provides safety, security, savings and peace of mind to our members. AAA Plus enhances the Classic Membership Product benefits for those members that desire a greater level of coverage. What is the highest AAA membership?

Premier Membership
Premier Membership entitles you to the highest level of AAA benefits and services available.

Subsequently, can i get a discount on aaa membership?

Can I get a discount on AAA memberships? There are a few available options to help save on your AAA membership which include: a $10 discount with automatic renewal, $20 off when you refer your friends to AAA and up to $20 off renewal fees when you gift a membership. Regarding this, does costco offer aaa discount? The first reason for getting AAA is to save money on hotels that offer discounts. The difference is that while anyone can use the Costco discount (just enter “COSTCO” in the promo code box), getting a AAA discount actually requires you to enter your AAA membership number. Click to see full answer.

In respect to this, what services does aaa plus?

AAA Plus members get the Classic level of benefits in addition to enhanced benefits including:

  • Extended towing (up to 100 miles)
  • Free 1 car-class upgrade for discounted rental with tow.
  • Free emergency fuel.
  • Additional locksmith coverage.
  • Expanded extrication and winching service.
  • Free international maps.
Accordingly, what is aaa discount? Thanks to our AAA Discount & Rewards program, you don't have to wait for bargains, wrestle crowds, or clip coupons anymore. Simply shop through our website to score exclusive discounts at home and when you travel. Save 20%, regardless of the length of stay or day of the week.

What is the CDP code for AAA?

AAA Auto Club South3300014
Automobile Club of Southern California3300004
AAA Carolinas3300111
AAA Central Penn3300195

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