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Is the arc free for SDSU students?

One of the benefits of being an ALI student is that you get a free Aztec Recreation Center (ARC) membership (teacher training and part-time programs are not included).

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Can non students use SDSU gym?

Membership is included with each semester of SDSU enrollment. Non-Students: Anyone 18 years of age or older is eligible to purchase an Aztec Recreation membership or day pass including faculty, staff and alumni as well as sponsored non-SDSU affiliated community members. Does SDSU gym have showers? at the Aztec Recreation Center. Fresh shower towels are available to check-out. Please be sure to check-in towels at the desk after use.

People also ask how do i make reservations at sdsu gym?


  1. Open Online Registration website.
  2. Select“Reservations” tile.
  3. Select Category drop down menu: Facility Reservation or Group Fitness.
  4. Select Class: choose preferred location or specific class.
  5. Select Date.
  6. Click on “Search” button.
  7. Choose Time Frame.
Does San Diego State have a gym? Come check out 94,000 square feet filled with fitness equipment, a track, five fitness studios, Olympic lifting, climbing and bouldering, a quiet lounge and much more.

What time does SDSU library close?

8AM - 8PM
24/7 Area: 8AM - 8PM | SDSU Library. What time does the SDSU gym open?
Aztec Recreation Center
MON, 03/078am-10pm
TUE, 03/088am-10pm
WED, 03/098am-10pm

Where is the SDSU gym?

5340 55th Street, San Diego, CA
The SDSU Adaptive Fitness Clinic is located in SDSU's Peterson Gym, room 150, located at 5340 55th Street, San Diego, CA 92115 (note this address is different than our mailing address). One may also ask does sdsu have a track? The Aztrack at SDSU is a shared facility and is made available to our Adapted Athletics Ambulatory Track & Field athletes. This beautiful quarter mile track rests atop a parking structure and features a natural grass field, stadium seating and state-of-the-art NCAA approved athletic rubber track surface.

Then, is sdsu pool open?

Operating Hours
SUN10am - 6pm
REC Pool: 25-Yard Lap Swim
MON10am - 9pm

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