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What are the tiers of IHG Rewards?

Qualifying Points (per calendar year)10,00040,000
Qualifying Nights (per calendar year)1040

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What is the highest IHG membership?

Spire Elite is the top-level status at IHG Rewards that you can earn (not including the invitation-only Kimpton Inner Circle). You'll become a Spire Elite when you earn 75 qualified nights or 75,000 qualifying points (55 nights or 55,000 points in 2021). How do you become a platinum member at IHG? IHG Rewards Platinum Elite status is typically earned after 40 qualifying nights or 40,000 elite-qualifying points. This is reduced to 30 qualifying nights or 30,000 elite-qualifying points in 2021.

In respect to this, what is gold elite status ihg?

All you have to do is stay twice at any of the 5,300+ IHG® properties around the world, and Gold Elite status is yours. These are the benefits you've been waiting for, and there's no faster way to get there. Gold Elite benefits. • Custom stay preferences. • 10% bonus earnings on top of base points. Do IHG Platinum members get free breakfast? Unfortunately, IHG Platinum elite status does not provide you with free breakfast nor does it provide you with lounge access. However, some properties will be gracious enough to offer you a breakfast and/or lounge access even as a Platinum member.

Accordingly, is priority club the same as ihg?

Priority Club just announced that they are changing the name of their loyalty program to IHG Rewards and will be adding some new benefits including: 1) Free internet for all elite members starting July 2013 and for all members in 2014. Do IHG members get free upgrades? Platinum Elite and Spire Elite Members will be offered a complimentary upgrade, as determined by the hotel, which might include rooms on higher floors, corner rooms, newly renovated rooms, or rooms with preferred views.

How much discount do IHG employees get?

Rate TierRangeEmployee Rate
2$45 - $84.99$39.00
3$85 - $99.99$49.00
4$100 - $124.99$59.00
5$125 - $149.99$69.00
Does IHG have lifetime status? If you have the IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card or the old Chase IHG Select credit card (no longer available to new applicants) you'll get automatic Platinum elite status. Some hotel chains allow you to earn lifetime elite status, but IHG doesn't offer that. So you'll have to re-qualify every year.

And another question, what is raid the bar ihg?

Raid the Bar provides Elite IHG® Rewards members one USD10 credit to spend at either our restaurant bar or the in-room honor bar during each of your qualified stays. Raid the Bar is the IHG® Rewards elite welcome amenity when staying at a Kimpton hotel.

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