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How much does HOTWORX membership cost?

$59 a month
Regular memberships will be a $99 enrollment fee and $59 a month for unlimited classes, but there are pre-sale discounts for each block of 100 people who sign up. For instance, for the next 100, there will be a $10 enrollment fee and a rate of $44 a month. The amount will keep increasing until the opening date.

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Is a HOTWORX membership worth it?

24/7 Hot Worx Access

I have only attended regular business hours, but this could be a great benefit for someone who works a non-traditional schedule. I love my Hot Worx membership, and that I think it is an outstanding value for access to a sauna, pre-recorded workouts, and a gym outside the sauna.
Is HOTWORX month to month? AUTO-RENEWAL: Following the initial 90-day membership term, this membership agreement will renew and automatically continue on a month-to-month basis at the program installment amount listed above.

Can you use your HOTWORX membership at any location?

Available workout sessions will vary by location. Memberships at any Authorized Location and HOTWORX studio are not reciprocal with each other. One may also ask how much is hotworx monthly?

$59 per month
The “Sweat Everywhere” membership allows members to workout at any of the Hotworx locations across the country for $69 per month. At $59 per month, the “Sweat Here” membership gives unlimited access to one specific studio.

How do I bring a guest to HOTWORX?

To schedule a guest, members must call the studio and to let us know that you would like to bring a guest so we can schedule you both in the same session if preferred. 4. Members caught bringing guests in during non-staffed hours, via camera or otherwise, will be charged the $20 drop in rate. Can you do HOTWORX alone? Customers enter the sauna where they close the door behind them and perform a solo workout one-on-one with the virtual instructor/trainer. This workout is completely isolated from everything and everyone in the studio. Our studio locations range in size from 5 to 10 saunas each.

How long does it take to see results with HOTWORX?

Level 6 requires a 27,000 calorie burn in 90 days. If you do the math you will see that 60 workouts with a 250 workout calorie burn and a 200 after-burn is what it takes to get to the 27k number in 90 days. Do you wear shoes in HOTWORX? HOTWORX - FRIENDLY REMINDER : do not wear your shoes...

Can you cancel HOTWORX membership?

If you do cancel, the 60 day notice, 2 month payment, is still required per our membership agreement. You can also do the $99 immediate cancel.

By Ezekiel Burdi

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