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Can you cancel eHarmony after one month?

No, you cannot cancel your subscription to eHarmony after 1 month. The company will send an email reminder of your upcoming renewal date before it expires.

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Also, can i cancel eharmony within 14 days?

Members get a 14-day cooling-off time on any subscription purchased. During the eharmony cancellation period, you can get a refund or exchange by contacting the eharmony Customer Service Team. Can I cancel eHarmony before 3 months? They offer paid plans ranging from one to 12 months, but if you change your mind about using their services, getting your money back from eHarmony might be challenging. Based on their Terms and Conditions of Service, prematurely canceled subscriptions will not be refunded and will remain valid until they expire.

Is there a 3 month subscription to eHarmony?

3-month dating guarantee

Now, with the eHarmony Guarantee, if you aren't satisfied with the people you match with during your first 3 months, you'll get 3 more months of the dating service for free. You can qualify for your 3 free months as long as you: Finish the Relationship Questionnaire.
In respect to this, is it hard to cancel eharmony subscription? Compared to many other dating websites, eHarmony makes it easy to cancel your account. However, timing is everything, because if you miss the deadline, you're in for another subscription period.

And another question, how do i get a free month of eharmony?

During the eHarmony free trial period, you'll go through the following steps:

  1. Register for free at eharmony.com or through the eHarmony app.
  2. Take a Compatibility Quiz.
  3. Customize your profile page.
  4. Get access to unlimited matches.
  5. Communicate with matches via icebreakers, smiles, or messages.
You can also ask is it worth paying for eharmony? To that end, eharmony offers features such as its compatibility quiz to curate matches. For the prospective user who is actively seeking a serious, long-term relationship, eharmony is worth the extra money.

Also, how do i cancel my eharmony 2021 subscription?

Cancel eHarmony online

  1. Log into your eHarmony account.
  2. Click on your profile picture in the top bar.
  3. Select “Account Settings”
  4. Click on “Billing”.
  5. Scroll down until you reach the “Subscription Status” section.
  6. Click on “Cancel My Subscription”.
  7. Follow the instructions.
Does eHarmony have a free trial? The eHarmony free trial is ACTUALLY free.

There's nothing that you need to cancel or remember to take care of or anything like that. It is completely 100% free. The site does a great job of being very clear with what they are offering and what they are not. You will not be tricked into spending any money ever.

Accordingly, how do i cancel my eharmony account without subscription?

So if you want them to get rid of it, you will have to send an email to [email protected] with the title “Delete My Account Information”, and make an explicit request to have your personal information taken off eHarmony permanently. Note that it may take eHarmony up to 10 business days to complete your request.

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