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Can you cancel MeUndies after one month?

You may cancel MeUndies at any time. If you want the cancellation to take effect the following month, you should cancel at least one day before the end-of-the-term date. In case you have more than one membership, you have to cancel them separately.

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Thereof, can you pause meundies membership?

Rather than skipping a month, you can pause your membership for three months instead! Check this link to learn how: How do I put my membership on hold? Note: You can skip your membership anytime before your membership date. How much is MeUndies membership? What Does a MeUndies Membership Cost? $16/month for men, $14/month for women, and $8/month for socks (regardless of gender). The price is the same for any style/cut/size you choose, and you'll receive one item in your mailbox each month.

You can also ask how do i contact meundies?

For customer support, you can submit a request via email, text us at 888-552-6775, DM us on Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit), or chat with us by hitting that little question mark in the bottom corner! We're available 24/7 PST, 7 days/week. You can also ask what is meundies return policy? If you're not satisfied with your order for any reason, you can return it for a full refund within 45 days.

Correspondingly, do meundies ship to the uk?

Do MeUndies ship to the UK? You will be delighted to know that they deliver to the UK, and all other nooks and crannies of the world, even military camps. The shipping charges amount to $12, which amounts to £9.04. Does MeUndies have an app? Each section is highlighted below the site's main tab bar. Sadly, MeUndies doesn't offer a companion app like other subscriptions services (i.e. Birchbox), which does a dope job of letting customers access their account on an iPhone or Android device.

Correspondingly, how did meundies start?

After having a “really uncomfortable” experience with a saleswoman at a department store while trying to buy underwear, Shokrian rounded up $400,000 mostly from friends and family and without much retail experience to speak of launched millennial-friendly online underwear retail start-up MeUndies in 2011. Does MeUndies ship discreetly? Currently, we do not provide gift or discreet wrapping, but it is something we are considering for the future. From time to time, we decorate our shipping materials to fit the season but orders with multiple items or packs may ship together in one package so our shipping materials are not intended as gift wrapping.

Accordingly, how ethical is meundies?

MeUndies environment rating is 'very poor'. It does not use eco-friendly materials. There is no evidence that it has taken meaningful action to reduce or eliminate hazardous chemicals. There is no evidence it minimises textile waste.

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