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How do I remove my card details from OkCupid?

To update or remove credit or debit card information

Click on the 'Subscriptions' tab. This page shows information about your subscriptions, and at the bottom of the page you'll find 'Payment details'. For a click 'Update' or 'Remove'.

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Correspondingly, how do i cancel my okcupid subscription and get a refund?

Click onto your profile that is located on the OkCupid main menu with your profile picture. Click 'Settings' once you see the drop-down menu open. Click 'Subscriptions' on your accounts settings page. You will now see the option to cancel your OkCupid A-List account. How do I turn off auto renewal on OkCupid? To cancel your OkCupid Subscription, follow these easy steps:

  1. Log into OkCupid.
  2. Go to the Settings Page to view your subscription.
  3. Click on 'Turn off automatic billing'

Can you get a refund for OkCupid?

All other users may request a refund by contacting OkCupid Customer Service at [email protected], or by mailing or delivering a signed and dated notice that states that you, the buyer, are canceling this agreement, or words of similar effect. You can also ask does disabling okcupid cancel subscription? If you delete your account, we will permanently cancel your subscription. If your subscription is via iTunes or Google Play, those services do not know when your account on OkCupid is disabled, re-enabled, or even deleted, so they do not stop your subscription and you continue to be billed.

How do you cancel a subscription?

How to cancel subscriptions on an Android

  1. Open the Google Play Store app and tap your profile icon in the top-right corner.
  2. In the Google menu that opens, tap Payments & subscriptions.
  3. Tap Subscriptions, then find and select the membership that you want to cancel.
  4. Once its settings page opens, tap Cancel subscription.
In respect to this, does okcupid charge monthly? as little as $4.95 per month for the A-List Basic package and up to $24.90 per month for A-List Premium

A-List BasicA-List Premium
1 month for $9.95/month1 month for $24.90/month

Is paying for OkCupid worth it?

Paying for OkCupid Basic is worth it if

This age range is OkCupid's largest demographic, so you'll likely have a ton of potential matches. The “Dealbreaker” feature allows you to screen out any of the search criteria you're not willing to compromise on, which can save you a ton of time when screening matches.
How does OkCupid show up on credit card? Any purchase you make on our site, regardless of the payment method, will have our site name, OkCupid.com, in the description of the charge on your bank or credit card statement. Note: Companies like cupid.com, cupid, fast cupid, cupid plc, cupid bill info, etc.

How do I contact OkCupid support?

Please let us know by emailing [email protected] if you need additional help.

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