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How do I remove my credit card from Animal Jam?

In order to change your Credit Card info, Log into your account, click My Subscriptions then Billing and then click on Edit Card.

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Can you refund Animal Jam membership?

Refund requests that are received within seven (7) days of the initial purchase are eligible for a full refund, including automatically-renewing memberships. Except as described below, no refunds will be given after seven days from the date of purchase. Is Animal Jam membership monthly? Animal Jam Membership can be purchased directly for a player's account through the Animal Jam website as either a 1-month recurring payment, a 6-month recurring payment, or a 12-month one-time payment.

One may also ask how do i cancel anima?

How to Cancel my Paid Plan?

  1. Log in to your Anima account from a computer.
  2. Go to the Team Settings.
  3. Select Plan and Billing > Edit.
  4. Select Change.
  5. Select Get Free Plan.
  6. Apply Changes.
How long does it take for an Animal Jam account to be deleted? To ensure that there are usernames and room available for everyone, if a free account has not been accessed in 120 days, it may be deleted.

How do you cancel your 2021 membership on Animal Jam?

To cancel your Animal Jam Subscription, follow these easy steps:

  1. Log into Parent Tools.
  2. Using the drop-down, select the username of the Player Account.
  3. Select the Settings icon.
  4. Pick the dropdown next to Membership and change Auto-Renew to Off.
Then, how do i change my payment method on animal jam? To change or update the billing information linked with a specific username, you simply need to cancel the existing recurring membership. When a membership is purchased it it applied to the player account.

Does Animal Jam take debit cards?

It is imperative that you verify the parent email is correct for the account before purchasing. Animal Jam accepts Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. Do Animal Jam accounts expire? Free accounts that have not logged into the game for over a year are subject to account deletion. This maintenance ensures that our game is able to support the vast numbers of active users we have. Once an account has been deleted we are unable to restore the information.

Does Animal Jam delete old accounts?

Account Deletion

Finally, if a non-member account has been inactive for almost three years, it gets deleted, and no more accounts can be created with the username of said deleted account. Please note that member accounts cannot get deleted for inactivity for some reason.

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