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Do you get a card with the Barnes and Noble membership?

Your Member Card will arrive approximately 7-10 days after your online purchase date. If you would like to stop receiving BN Member promotional emails, click on the... To receive your Member discount, simply provide your Member Card at the register.

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What does the Barnes and Noble member card do?

Designed for Barnes & Noble's most loyal customers, the Barnes & Noble Membership program gives Members 40% off hardcover bestsellers and 10% off virtually everything else in Barnes & Noble stores throughout the year. How do I add a Barnes and Noble membership card? B&N Help Center

If you do not wish to register your Membership, you can enter your Membership during the Checkout process. Locate the Memberships, Gift Cards, and Coupons section at the bottom of the Order Summary page. Click the Add/Edit button next to Apply B&N Membership & Educator Discount.

How do I access my Barnes and Noble membership?

B&N Help Center

  1. Click here to access the Membership Management page. You may be required to sign in to your account.
  2. Click the "Program Type" dropdown menu, choose "B&N Membership" from the options, and enter your BN Member number in the Card Number field.
  3. Click the "Submit" button to save and confirm.
People also ask what is the barnes and noble birthday offer? In Store Only - 20% off your first purchase when you join the Barnes and Noble Membership in store. A special birthday offer delivered during your Birthday month. Offer subject to change without notice. Must have a valid email address on file to receive the offer.

How much is Barnes and Noble membership renewal?

There is no time restriction for you to renew your B&N Membership, and renewing at any time keeps your existing Member number. Click here to renew your Membership online. *Membership fees may be taxed in accordance with state laws. The renewal fee of $25 does not include applicable taxes. How long does a Barnes and Noble Membership take to process? Your Member Card will arrive approximately 7-10 days after your online purchase date.

One may also ask what are the benefits of working at barnes and noble?

Benefits & Perks

  • Medical Plan.
  • Prescription coverage.
  • Dental plan.
  • Vision discount plan.
  • Healthcare flexible spending account.
  • 401(k) retirement plan.
  • Disability coverage.
People also ask does barnes and noble membership automatic renewal? When enrolling in Membership in stores, your Membership will automatically renew and the Member fee will be automatically charged annually about 30 days prior to the Membership expiration date to the credit or debit card you provided at enrollment, or the credit or debit card that was updated or that we currently have

Keeping this in consideration, how can i lookup my barnes and noble membership number?

Sign in to your BN.com account, if needed. 2. Scroll down to the Memberships section. Your Membership Number and Kids' Club number (if one is associated to your account) will be displayed in this box.

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