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How much is AAA membership in KY?

StateStarting cost of AAA membership per year
Alabama, Kentucky, Pennsylvania$50
Montana, Wyoming$51
Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Rhode Island$52
New Mexico, Texas$53

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One may also ask what's the difference between aaa basic and plus?

The cost of a AAA membership depends on where you live and your membership level: A basic or “classic” membership generally costs around $50 to $70 a year. A “plus” membership costs about $80 to $105 a year. How do I get a free AAA membership? AAA doesn't offer a free trial. Suppose you'd like to enjoy their services, you have to subscribe to any of their plans. Your best shot to getting an AAA free trial is to subscribe to their membership plans then cancel your subscription before the next renewal.

Accordingly, how can i become a member of aaa?

Applying for a AAA membership in person requires you to travel to your local AAA office. You can find a AAA branch near you by visiting the AAA website, by looking online, or by calling 866-222-6595. Thereof, what is the highest aaa membership?

Premier Membership
Premier Membership entitles you to the highest level of AAA benefits and services available.

Is AAA Plus worth the money?

Is AAA membership worth it? After checking out the AAA membership benefits, we can definitely say yes! For the past 119 years, AAA membership plans have provided a large set of benefits to their exclusive members. Some plans offer a few additional perks — give a call to your local club to find out more. Does Costco offer AAA discount? The first reason for getting AAA is to save money on hotels that offer discounts. The difference is that while anyone can use the Costco discount (just enter “COSTCO” in the promo code box), getting a AAA discount actually requires you to enter your AAA membership number. Click to see full answer.

How many toes do you get with AAA?

MembershipFree Tows per YearMileage per Tow
AAA Basic (Classic)4 towsUp to 3-7 miles
AAA Plus4 towsUp to 100 miles
AAA Premier4 tows1 tow of 200 miles, 3 tows of 100 miles
What are the benefits of AAA Plus membership? Enjoy all the benefits of Plus membership protection for your RVs, campers, and trailers.
  • 5 Roadside Assistance. Calls per Year.
  • 160 km Towing Distance. Covers Cars, SUVs, Motorcycles, Light Trucks, Bicycles, Motorhomes & Trailers. Free Fuel & Delivery, Savings on RV Insurance with AMA Insurance & More.

Regarding this, what is aaa discount?

At AAA, we offer more than just roadside assistance.

Simply shop through our website to score exclusive discounts at home and when you travel. Save 20%, regardless of the length of stay or day of the week. Members also receive free reservations, an additional savings of $5.95.

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